Edgerton-Trimble Fire Protection District

Our History

On a warm afternoon in the late 1930”s, a fire broke out in a small building just north of Edgerton City Park. The fire destroyed four business buildings and some outdoor coal bins. There was no city water at that time, and no fire department. A bucket brigade was used. The St. Joseph Fire Department was called; in an effort to prevent the bank from being destroyed in the fire.

It’s important to us to serve our community and provide them with the best services possible the following are just a few of the service that we provide to the tax payers in our district.

Our Services

To promote life safety and reduce human suffering to the citizens and visitors of the Edgerton Trimble Fire Protection District. To achieve this goal through public education and fire prevention programs. We seek to minimize the results of fire, medical or rescue emergencies and disaters in this district. To understand that each firefighter is valuable and to maximize each persons potential. To serve our District with professionalism, excellence and devotion to duty,to Strive for the future never forgetting the past.

Our Misson